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Program Overview


The Select teams represent Thornhill Community Hockey League (TCHL) in competitive play against other hockey associations in the North York Hockey League (NYHL).

We continue to look for and welcome new and returning players to our Select program.

Select teams play 18-20 game seasons in the North York Hockey League (NYHL), which is governed by the GTHL and follows most of the same rules/procedures. Since Select is developmental hockey, teams are placed in tiered divisions so they are playing teams with similar competitive capacities.

All House League players from a particular age group are welcome to try-out for the Select program. Teams are then formed from those players who try-out and are selected to play on the team.

Other important details:

  • Select players must also play in the House League.
  • Typically, there is at least 1 extra game and 1 extra practice per week over and above the House League program.
  • Teams are further allowed to enter into tournaments over the course of the season.
  • Exhibition games may also be scheduled by the individual teams to take place on ice provided for practices, or at the ice of the opposition.
  • There is an additional cost to play in the Select program.
  • Before a player may tryout for a Select team they must first be registered with the TCHL to play in House League.

For questions or information regarding the Select Program please contact:

Program Details

  • Players must be registered with the TCHL house league in order to attend tryouts.
  • Once you have registered your child with the house league program please print your receipt and take it with you to the tryouts as proof of registration.
  • Wear full equipment including neck guard and, if possible, a jersey with your name & number on it.
  • A mouthguard is optional.
  • There is a $20 fee per tryout.
TRYOUT FORMAT: Tyke & Minor Novice

Tyke and Minor Novice teams will be selected using a two-step process which includes neutral third-party evaluators working in conjunction with appointed coaches and the Select Committee to form teams. The first step is for ALL players to attend two open skills evaluation sessions. From those sessions, players are ranked and then invited to attend individual team tryouts. As children develop and mature at different rates, it should be expected that players will be moved between teams and that playing on a given team one season is not a guarantee to play on that team the following season.

TRYOUT FORMAT: Novice and older

These tryouts are managed by the appointed coaches. In cases where there is enough interest for more than one Select team, the higher-tier team will be chosen first and then additional tryouts will be held to determine the second (or third) teams.


All Select players must participate in their respective House Leagues. Attendance is taken and suspensions given for Select players who miss games without a documented reason.

Questions. If you have any questions about the TCHL Select program or the tryout process, please send an email to

TRYOUT SCHEDULE for 2019/2020:
TykeMay 6, 2019Thornhill East6:00 PMTryout # 1
TykeMay 10, 2019Angus Glen East5:30 PMTryout # 2
TykeMay 18, 2019Milliken Mills9:00 AMTryout # 3
Minor Novice RedMay 6, 2019Thornhill East7:00 PMTryout # 1
Minor Novice RedMay 10, 2019Angus Glen East6:30 PMTryout # 2
Minor Novice RedMay 18, 2019Milliken Mills8:00 AMTryout # 3
Minor Novice BlueJune 15, 2019Thornhill East1:00 PMTryout # 4
Novice BlueMay 11, 2019Centennial2:00 PMTryout # 1
Novice BlueMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West8:00 AMTryout # 2
Novice BlueMay 18, 2019Centennial2:00 PMTryout # 3
Novice RedMay 11, 2019Centennial2:00 PMTryout # 1
Novice RedMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West1:00 PMTryout # 2
Minor AtomMay 7, 2019Thornhill East6:00 PMTryout # 1
Minor AtomMay 11, 2019Milliken Mills10:00 AMTryout # 2
Minor AtomMay 18, 2019Centennial12:00 PMTryout # 3
Atom RedMay 7, 2019Thornhill East7:00 PMTryout # 1
Atom RedMay 11, 2019Milliken Mills11:00 AMTryout # 2
Atom RedMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West10:00 AMTryout # 3
Atom BlueMay 11, 2019Milliken Mills4:00 PMTryout # 1
Atom BlueMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West5:00 PMTryout # 2
Atom BlueMay 18, 2019Angus Glen East4:30 PMTryout # 3
Minor PeeweeMay 11, 2019Centennial12:00 PMTryout # 1
Minor PeeweeMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West11:00 AMTryout # 2
Minor PeeweeMay 18, 2019Angus Glen East3:30 PMTryout # 3
Peewee Red/Blue/WhiteMay 11, 2019Centennial1:00 PMTryout # 1
Peewee Red/Blue/WhiteMay 11, 2019Angus Glen West4:00 PMTryout # 2
Peewee Red/Blue/WhiteMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West12:00 PMTryout # 3
Peewee RedMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West6:00 PMFinal
Peewee BlueMay 18, 2019Centennial4:00 PMFinal
Peewee WhiteMay 18, 2019Milliken Mills10:00 AMFinal
Minor BantamMay 11, 2019Angus Glen West7:00 PMTryout # 1
Minor BantamMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West2:00 PMTryout # 2
Minor BantamMay 18, 2019Milliken Mills11:00 AMTryout # 3
Bantam BlueMay 7, 2019Thornhill East8:00 PMTryout # 1
Bantam BlueMay 11, 2019Milliken Mills5:00 PMTryout # 2
Bantam BlueMay 18, 2019Centennial3:00 PMTryout # 3
Bantam RedMay 6, 2019Thornhill East8:00 PMTryout # 1
Bantam RedMay 11, 2019Angus Glen East4:00 PMTryout # 2
Bantam RedMay 18, 2019Milliken Mills4:00 PMTryout # 3
Bantam WhiteMay 23, 2019Angus Glen East7:00 PMTryout # 2
Bantam WhiteMay 25, 2019Angus Glen East3:30 PMTryout # 3
Minor Midget BlueMay 11, 2019Milliken Mills6:00 PMTryout # 1
Minor Midget BlueMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West4:00 PMTryout # 2
Minor Midget RedMay 6, 2019Thornhill East9:00 PMTryout # 1
Midget JrMay 10, 2019Angus Glen East7:30 PMTryout # 1
Midget JrMay 11, 2019Angus Glen West5:00 PMTryout # 2
Midget JrMay 18, 2019Angus Glen East6:30 PMTryout # 3
Midget Sr BlueMay 7, 2019Thornhill East9:00 PMTryout # 1
Midget Sr BlueMay 12, 2019Thornhill West6:00 PMTryout # 2
Midget Sr RedMay 11, 2019Angus Glen West6:00 PMTryout # 1
Midget Sr RedMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West3:00 PMTryout # 2
Midget Sr WhiteMay 7, 2019Angus Glen West7:00 PMTryout # 1
Midget Sr WhiteMay 9, 2019Angus Glen East7:00 PMTryout # 2
Midget Sr WhiteMay 12, 2019Angus Glen West7:00 PMTryout # 3
Phone #
Tyke Red2014 & 20135yr & 6yrJosh Chencinski416 885
Tyke Blue2014 & 20135yr & 6yrJason Diplacido647 640
Minor Novice Red20127yrJohn Cho416 435
Minor Novice RedSeth Kirshenbaum647 885
Minor Novice Blue20127yrJonathan Itzkovitch416 722
Novice Red20118yrNeil Lipman647 284
Novice Blue20118yrDan Choe416 655
Minor Atom20109yrFaiz Madhani647 330
Atom Red200910yrJordon Lazare416 277
Atom Blue200910yrStephen Hamilton-Lee416 908
Minor Peewee200811yrKevin Chan416 937
Peewee Red200712yrDominic Ho416 648
Peewee White200712yrChris Panagopoulos416 560
Minor Bantam200613yrJarrad Meshwork480 662
Bantam Red200514yrBoris Bytensky416 786
Bantam RedJay Sidon416 770
Bantam Blue200514yrDave DiFelice416 931
Bantam White200514yrGregory Stevens 416 706
Minor Midget Red200415yrAndrew Leopold416 518
Minor Midget Blue200415yrDavid Franklin416 670
Midget Jr200316yrMark Brommersma416 434
Midget Sr Red200217yrBruno Vigliotta416 347
Midget Sr Blue200217yrMichael Coombs416 930
Midget Sr White200217yrDuane Johnson416 414
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