Share Your Photos!

The TCHL is creating a new gallery of pictures that showcase the league and its events for the upcoming 2015/2016 season. In order to help our volunteer coordinators as much as possible and keep the gallery organized, we ask that you carefully read the terms and conditions and complete the form accurately.

***Please read Terms and Conditions before submitting photos***

Photo Release Terms And Conditions

You consent to the displaying of your child’s picture on the Thornhill Community Hockey League’s (TCHL) website,, for the purposes of promoting TCHL, its programs and events and general public viewing.

TCHL reserves the right to use any picture submitted through this form on any page on, individually or as part of a larger collection of pictures. TCHL does not guarantee any order or positioning of pictures.

TCHL’s website database is password protected but TCHL cannot guarantee security of any pictures submitted through this form, whether or not they are displayed on TCHL’s publicly accessible website.

TCHL reserves the right to select from the pictures submitted to TCHL for display on the website and does not guarantee that all pictures submitted through this form will be displayed on

If you are submitting a picture or pictures of or on behalf of a team, you accept sole responsibility for obtaining permission from the parents or guardians of all the persons in the picture. You acknowledge that the TCHL may remove the picture from its website and database if requested to do so by any parent or guardian of a person in the picture and that the TCHL is not required to validate the relationship of the person submitting a picture or requesting its removal to any person in the picture.

You acknowledge that your child’s picture will be in the TCHL database of pictures for an unlimited time, or until TCHL deletes it, or until someone requests to have it removed, at which time TCHL will make best efforts to remove the picture as soon as possible. Requests to have it removed must be made by sending an email to with explicit instructions and descriptions of the specific photo or photos to be removed.

You consent to being contacted by the TCHL if there are questions about the photos being submitted via the phone number or email supplied with this form.

You agree that you shall have no claim against TCHL or against anyone accessing or using images submitted through this online form.

You confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

File Upload And Usage Conditions

The data collected on this form is the data used to keep our galleries organized and relevant. In addition to the Photo Release terms and Conditions, photos uploaded through this form will only be used if:

1.  The individual file size of each photo is 300KB or less.

Photo Dimensions

Photo Dimensions

2.  If submitting a landscape oriented photo, the maximum width is 800px with a proportional height. Portrait oriented photos are set to 800px maximum height with proportional width.

3.  Photos with landscape orientation are preferred.

4.  Only jpg or png file types are accepted.

5.  Only 1 picture file may be uploaded.

6. Please change the filename to a descriptive name. Photos with filenames containing only camera-generated numbers, dates and special characters may be confused with other uploads and may be ignored.

If you do not have access to a photo editing program, free online services are available to compress and resize photos, such as:

File Upload Form

  • As descriptive as possible in under 35 characters (excluding spaces), such as "[Firstname] [Lastname]", "[Firstname]'s First Goal" or "Tyke Select Win Rebels Tournament"
  • In under 100 characters (excluding spaces), describe the image, including such information as team name, age group (e.g., Tyke, Atom,), event (such as a tournament), why the picture is noteworthy, etc.
  • Select all that apply.
  • Select all that apply.
  • For administrative purposes. Best estimate if exact date not known.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.