Select Tournament Team Roster

Select/House League tournaments are extremely difficult to gauge team’s skill sets. We do our best to research each team and league and we hope to put teams in the most competitive/balance division as we can. This does not always happen, and if this is in the case come tournament play, we do apologize but please enjoy the experience and find ways to keep your overall tournament experience positive.

Download and complete TEAM ROSTER TEMPLATE prior to completing the form. You will need to upload completed version with the form submission.


    Use the following naming format for your Team Roster Excel file: "Division_Association_TeamName.xls". Include the Division first, then Association , then Team Name, separated by "_".

    Example: If you are submitting a roster for Tyke, save your file as "Tyke_TCHL_TeamName.xls"
  • Only Excel format is accepted. Template is available for download above.
    Accepted file types: xls, xlsx.