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The OHF announced that beginning of the 2016-17 hockey season, at
least one parent/guardian of every minor hockey player in the Ontario Hockey
Federation will be required to take the Respect In Sport (RIS) Parent
Program prior to a player being permitted to participate in any Hockey
Canada programming.

This has been rolled out in a many of the Branches across Canada and was
already in place in the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and Alliance Hockey
within the OHF. The roll-out in these areas have all been tremendously
successful and has yielded positive results.

This requirement applies to all levels of hockey including House League and
Competitive levels.

The cost of taking the program is $12 and is paid directly on-line when
taking the program.

A participant’s parents will only be required to take the program once.
There is no requirement for re-taking the program annually.

Failure to take this program prior to commencement, of our 2016-17 registration will not affect parents ability to register their children however players will not be able to participate in any TCHL related program, including select tryouts until one parent or their guardian has successfully completed this program.

Respect in Sport Parent Program
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