Most people will be familiar with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program. The program helps children get into sports by providing funding to help with registration costs. Jumpstart has just launched a new program called The Big Play, which will provide additional funding for eligible applicants.

The Big Play is for youth who cannot afford Hockey. It is similar to Jumpstart but players can ask for $500 versus the normal limit of $300.

The application is done on-line instead of through the Township. There are limited funds so early applications will be the most successful.


– Hockey Canada Association payees are already registered online.
– Funding is up to $500 per child as opposed to the current maximums imposed nationally or by your chapter.
– Should a child receive funding through this program, it will count towards their maximum $600 funding for the year, which means that they will be able to access up to $100 more to support them in another activity.
– Funds to do not come out of your Chapter budget. An alternate national The Big Play budget has been established that will be managed by Jumpstart.
– Kids playing Select/Rep/Elite hockey may also be eligible for funding.

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