Learn to Play Hockey


The Learn To Play Hockey is run by professional experienced instructors.

No previous hockey experience is required.

This program will teach the fundamental skills that will provide the self-confidence needed to enjoy the game of hockey.

Players will be grouped according to skill levels and there will be several groups on the ice. Players will be shifted during the program according to their development.

Players will learn all the fundamentals of the game.

The session would focus on a program of teaching 5 basic skills, called “SKILLS 5”

STOP: Fundamental stopping progressions for

    • Basic stops-Forward
    • Basic stops-Backward
    • 2 feet side stops both directions
    • 1-foot side stops both directions

START: Proper pushing techniques – forward and backwards

    • V push
    • C cuts
    • Strides


    • Edges
    • Knowledge of inside and outside edges
    • Development of balance plus body alignment
    • Progressions of cross-overs
    • Knowledge of inside and outside edges
    • Development of balance and body alignment
    • Progressions of cross-overs
    • Basic turns
    • 2 foot 3 turns both ways forwards and backward
    • 1 foot 3 turns forwards
    • Mohawk progressions
    • Development of transitions and rhythm of turns

The program consists of instruction, interesting games, and activities, all leading up to playing hockey games.

The program will run every Monday evening starting mid-October.

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