Tournaments (Thornhill Community Hockey League)





Please remember the tournament is for the kids and it is just a game. Have fun and let’s make this a great experience for all involved! Good luck!

Tournament Dates: November 26,27 & 28

As per the OHF guidelines, this will be a non-body checking tournament

We will be accepting Select Teams in the following divisions: OMHA, Alliance, NODHA, ODMHA, USA teams welcome!

MD & AE teams will be permitted to register for the tournament once they have been approved by the select committee.

Divisions will be Tiered, however, Tier 1 & 2 teams may play against each other as well as Tier 3 & 4 teams may also play against each other.

Canadian Teams: $1295.00 | U.S.A. Teams: $1295.00 US (includes sanction fee for the international tournament)

Sanction Permit # 5725 


The tournament schedule will be posted no later than Thursday, Nov 15 2021. You will likely be emailed the schedule earlier – Thank you for your patience waiting for this email to arrive. Requests to change the schedule will not be accepted.


  1. Participants gifts for all players.
  2. MVP awards for all games.
  3. Awards for Champions and Finalists.
  4. Minimum of four (4) games guaranteed.
  5. All games will be played at Thornhill Community Centre & Clatworthy Arena.
  6. Downtown Toronto is a 20-minute drive.
  7. No gate fees.
  8. Divisions will be tiered.

For information regarding the Select Tournament please e-mail the tournament chair [email protected]



  1. GTHL & TCHL rules apply except where modified by tournament rules.
  2. The Tournament Director and/or Committee has the final say on all rules and regulations and/or the interpretation of those.
  3. No Sunday house league restrictions can be accepted.
  4. Players must play in at least one round-robin game to be eligible for the semi-final or championship games.
  5. A maximum of seventeen players (15 skaters and 2 goalies) are permitted on the bench for any game. Teams with only 1 goalie dressed will only be permitted to dress 16 skaters. Three coaches and a certified trainer will be permitted on the bench.
  6. Teams with no goalie dressed at the game time may play with 6 skaters. However, the 6th skater will not be permitted to act as a goaltender until properly attired with regulation goaltender equipment.
  7. Any player reporting late must report to the convenor before proceeding to the team bench. The late player must be listed on the game sheet prior to the game starting. Late players may not be added to the game sheet once the first period has begun.
  8. Team officials shall check-in at the tournament office at least 1 hour prior to game time. You must be prepared to produce your official roster, travel permit and/or birth certificates as requested by the tournament committee at any time.
  9. Body checking will not be permitted (all divisions)
  10. No protests or challenges will be allowed.
  11. One 30 second timeout will be allowed per game per team.
  12. Handshaking will take place prior to the start of the game.
  13. The home team will wear light coloured sweaters and visiting teams will wear dark coloured sweaters.
  14. Player’s coaches and/or spectators may be asked to leave the tournament and/or the arenas due to unsportsmanlike conduct.
  15. At the sole discretion of the tournament committee, a game that is deemed out of control may be called off. Points may be awarded to either or both the teams involved as determined by the committee.
  16. Mouthguards are not mandatory.
  17. Your official roster may be changed up until the commencement of your first scheduled game (eg. you can add Affiliated Players’s to your roster by hand when you sign in before your first game). For North American teams, rosters can include as many as 20 players in total.
  18. Affiliated Players (AP) may only dress for ONE team for the entire tournament.
  19. Teams that run up the score may be removed from the tournament (Scores greater than a 7 goal spread is considered running up the score).

Scoring System Minor Atom to Midget

  1. 1 point for winning a period, 1/2 for a tie.
  2. 3 points for winning the game, 1 1/2 for a tie.
  3. In the event of a default, a score of 3-0 will be awarded to the non-defaulting team. This will result in the non-defaulting team being awarded the full 6 points.
  4. Semi-Final and Championship games are final score only.

Game Time Minor Atom to Midget

  1. All games will be 10-10-12 minute periods and stop time.
  2. 3rd-period running time at 5 goals, stop time will occur when the spread is back to 2 goal differential.
  3. Overtime in Semi-Finals and Finals only: 4 minutes 4 on 4, 3 minutes 3 on 3, 2 minutes 2 on 2 sudden death running time. Shoot-out will first consist of 3 players if still tied then shoot out will continue on a 1 player basis sudden death. All players must shoot before a player can shoot twice.
  4. Semi-Final and Championship games are final scores only.
  5. Teams must be ready to start games up to 15 minutes early
  6. Due to time limitations, games may be curfewed, postponed in progress or rescheduled.

Tie-Breaker Rules

  1. If more than 2 teams are tied then start the tie-breaker rule at point 3
  2. If only 2 teams tied and they played each other in Round Robin the winner of that game
  3. Highest % (GF) / (GF +GA)
  4. Team with lowest goals against.
  5. Team with highest goals for.
  6. Team with lowest penalty minutes.
  7. Coin Toss


  1. Fighting, Match or Gross Misconduct will result in automatic suspension from the tournament.
  2. All other penalties and suspensions will be levied in accordance with the sanctions as laid out by OHF minimum suspension list for minor hockey

Refund Policy

  1. Prior to confirmation date – Full Refund
  2. After confirmation date – 80% Refund if a replacement team can be found.
  3. After schedules are completed – No Refund.

Covid Refund Policy

  1. Any team unable to take part in the tournament due to restrictions placed on them by local public health units or any issues related to Covid-19 will receive a full refund.



Thornhill Community Centre

7755 Bayview Ave, Thornhill, ON, L3T 4P1 | 905-944-3800

Clatworthy Arena

2400 John St, Thornhill, ON L3T 6G7 | (905) 944-3800