Select (Thornhill Community Hockey League)


Program Overview


The Select teams represent Thornhill Community Hockey League (TCHL) in competitive play against other hockey associations in the North York Hockey League (NYHL).

We continue to look for and welcome new and returning players to our Select program.

Select teams play 18-20 game seasons in the North York Hockey League (NYHL), which is governed by the GTHL and follows most of the same rules/procedures. Since Select is developmental hockey, teams are placed in tiered divisions so they are playing teams with similar competitive capacities.

All House League players from a particular age group are welcome to try-out for the Select program. Teams are then formed from those players who try-out and are selected to play on the team.

Other important details:

Select players must also play in the House League.
Typically, there is at least 1 extra game and 1 extra practice per week over and above the House League program.
Teams are further allowed to enter into tournaments over the course of the season.
Exhibition games may also be scheduled by the individual teams to take place on ice provided for practices, or at the ice of the opposition.
There is an additional cost to play in the Select program.
Before a player may tryout for a Select team they must first be registered with the TCHL to play in House League.