FAQ, House League (Thornhill Community Hockey League)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When does registration occur?

A1. Thornhill Community Hockey League registration begins mid April. Registration is done online through the Hockey Canada. Registration is based on the player’s birth year and divisions are age specific.

Q2. When are tryouts for select teams?

A2. Select tryouts cannot start until after the OHF Championship weekend in April. Select tryouts will be held during the month of May.

Q3. How do I get an official receipt for taxes?

A3. Whenever you register your child with the TCHL you are issued a receipt at the time of payment. This is your official tax receipt. Please keep this receipt in a safe place as the TCHL cannot issue you with a replacement.

Q4. If my son/daughter decides not to play, how to a get a refund?

A4. To receive a refund, a family must request this in writing to the office with a clearly stated reason for the refund.

Q5. Refund Policy

A5. The following administration fees will be deducted from the original registration fee:
$80.00 will be deducted from ALL refunds no matter when the refund is requested.
$25.00 will also be deducted for credit card registrants.

Once the season has started there will be no refunds.

If a player sustains an injury or illness and is unable to finish the season there will be no refund.

Please Note: Refunds take up to 6 weeks before it is processed.
Q6. What qualifications are required to become involved on my son/daughter’s team?

A6. Thornhill Community Hockey League follows the GTHL qualifications for all rostered staff. Thornhill Community Hockey requires all individuals involved with our teams to have a current police check on file and Speak Out.

Q7. I would like to help out with my son/daughter’s team but not be a coach?

A7. Parents can always help out their child’s team as an on-ice helper. For this position, each parent is required to have taken the PRS (or Speak Out) and, have a current police check on file with the office. For these individuals there is an insurance fee that must be paid to the office before they can step out on the ice. This fee is set by the GTHL and must be paid prior to Dec 1st of each year.

Q8. What equipment do I need for my child to play?

A8. Required Equipment

  • Neck Protector
  • CSA approved Helmet with full cage
  • Skates
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Shin pads
  • Jock/Jill
  • Elbow and shoulder pads
  • Socks (game socks are provided)
  • Stick
  • Hockey bag
  • Elbow and shoulder pads
  • Game jersey will be provided by the TCHL for the start of the season.

Important things to remember:

  • Kids cannot go on the ice without all the above equipment.
  • Make sure the equipment fits properly. If it doesn’t, it won’t protect and your child will struggle unnecessarily. Any sports store can help you with this, to ensure proper fitting for maximum protection.
  • A stick should come up to the child’s chin on skates. If you don’t know which way your child shoots, most stores offer straight sticks that will be sufficient until they decide for themselves?
  • Skates that are too small may result in sore and cold feet.
  • Blade Sharpening
  • New skates do not come sharpened, so get them done before first ice.
  • Frequency of sharpening depends on frequency of use. (~once per 4-6 ice times).
  • If your child walks on concrete without guards, their skates will need to be sharpened immediately.
  • Make sure your child comes to practice or a game with a bottle of water.

Q9. How do I become a Thornhill referee?

A9. Please click here.

Q10. How do I become a Thornhill timekeeper?

A10. Please click here.

Q11. How do I become a Thornhill House League Coach?

A11. Please click here.

Q12. How do I become a Thornhill Select Coach?

A12. Please click here.

Q13. Who do I send compliments to at Thornhill Community Hockey?

A13. We really do appreciate hearing good things whether it’s about a particular experience with a volunteer or any positive feedback you have about our Association. Please send your emails to [email protected].

Q14. What is the difference between House League and Select Hockey?

A14. For some, the difference is minimal, while others believe it to be substantial. Simply speaking the Select league is a competitive league that a player must tryout and qualify for while players wishing to play house league are guaranteed a spot on a team no matter their skill. While both leagues enjoy the sport at its fullest, Select team players tend to be more skilled and tend to travel further distances for games. Select team players also are required to pay an additional Select fee over and above the base registration fee that house league team players pay.

Q15. Is there body contact?

A15. Thornhill Community Hockey is a non-contact league