Zero Tolerance Policy, House League (Thornhill Community Hockey League)

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The TCHL is committed to a safe environment for all participants at all events. To ensure such an environment exists, the TCHL strongly supports and enforces a Zero Tolerance Policy that protects participants from any form of harassment or abuse.

The TCHL condemns any actions of harassment, abuse, or violence by or against players, team officials, game officials, volunteer, league members, or spectators, at any event that is organized, sponsored, or attended by TCHL members.

Profane or discriminatory language that is directed at any other person or is related to any sanctioned hockey activity, including any such language that is posted on internet chat lines, on social networking internet sites such as “Facebook”, “Flickr”, “Instagram”, “Myspace”, “Twitter”, “Tumblr” or via text messaging or other forms of electronic information transfer.

Anyone violating the Zero Tolerance Policy will, at the discretion of league officials, be ejected from the event, and be subject to further action by the TCHL Board of Directors.